Dr. Dzihan Abazovic

Dzihan Abazovic, M.D., is an emergency medicine specialist who started to work in the field of regenerative medicine and blood management at his residency. In his professional career, he did not keep his interest in emergency medicine, which he practiced for a long time and was the head of the department in Ulcinj, but expanded it in the field of regenerative medicine, closely dealing with the application of stem cells and blood derivatives as one of the pioneers in the field in our region. He made the decision in 2013 to primarily deal with regenerative medicine, at first in the Renova Clinic, where he also served as medical director, and then expanded his knowledge and can collaborate with other clinics. Interest in science did not lag behind and is reflected in numerous published scientific works (over 40 publications, with h-index 7, number of citations 326) in the field of regenerative medicine in world-renowned journals.

Invited speaker – scientific conferences:
1. IMCAS, Paris conference
2. MENA Stem cell forum (Dubai)
3. ESTROT (European Society of Tissue Regeneration in Orthopaedics and Traumatology), Maastricht
4. SAAM (Scientific Academy of Aesthetic Medicine), Riyadh
5. SEECA Autism conference, Belgrade
6. Translation advances in Stem Cells for Diabetes Symposium, Doha, Qatar
7. Precision Medicine Expo & Summit 2023, Dubai, UAE

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